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Jason Consolacion met Zack Foley in the Spring of 1991 while both attended Kingwood Middle School in a suburb north of Houston, TX.

There were very few similarities between the two, other than their mutual love for the music of Paul Simon and Simon & Garfunkel. Jason would escape his aspirations to be the next Michael Jackson and Zack veered off the path towards the theatre. Soon they were hidden in practice rooms harmonizing and perfecting the S&G catalogue.

Life would break them apart musically, but their friendship continued to grow, firmly bound by “all of the nights they harmonized ‘til dawn.” Zack would go on to study jazz in high school and college while Jason turned into a bit of a singer-songwriter himself.

As the two casually performed at each other’s gigs, it became apparent that the sound of their two voices together brought out something special, both in the singers themselves and from their audience. Now living in New York City, nearly two decades after first singing “Homeward Bound”, they’ve decided to “sing those songs again, play the game and pretend” by forming an acoustic two-part harmony duo and Simon & Garfunkel tribute group.

Zack & Jason are creating original music that echoes the harmonic sensibilities of Simon & Garfunkel, but also lends itself to a contemporary ear as they pull from jazz, folk, rock, r&b and pop influences. And as they recreate all the S&G favorites, the duo contributes their own creativity while treading the blueprint of Simon’s poignant songs.